Stylist Spotlight: Kacy Taylor — Queen of the Big Chop

Kacy Taylor

It’s pixie season! What better time to reintroduce you to our rockstar stylist Kacy Taylor who is returning from maternity leave. She’s been gracing the floors of DV8 for 10 years, with a knack for fun, flirty short cuts. She’s great at helping her guests ease into a big hair change and always leaves them feeling like the best version of themselves.

We asked Kacy a few questions to welcome her back and get you to know her:

DV8: You’re well known for your short haircuts, what’s your favorite type of short cut and why?

KC: I love pixie cuts. It gives you the chance to be creative, texturize and really sculpt the hair. No two pixies are the same.

DV8: What advice would you give to a guest who has never had short hair but wants to make the change?

KC: I respond with, “Do It!” If they are real nervous and hesitant, we can go shorter and shorter over time. I promise once you go a little short, you’ll want to go all the way! The nice thing about hair, is that it grows back. So have fun. You never know what your going to love unless you try.

DV8: What’s something you want all your guests to know about you?

KC: I am just like them. I know how hard it can be to make a big hair change or try out something new. I will listen to them and give it all I’ve got to have them walk out of the salon feeling good! There isn’t a better feeling for me than being able to put a smile on their face and watch them strut out with a feeling of confidence.

Begin your hair transition with Kacy: book online or call (817) 424-3887.


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