Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair


Have you ever gone for the chop? Taken the hair plunge, from super long, to short hair, and realized you were in for a whole new ballgame?!  Well then, this is for you!

It’s true, taking the leap from long to short can be scary, but we are here to help you realize that those quick and easy hair hacks are still available to you! Whether short hair is your “go to”, you’re growing out your hair, or you just took the leap, these styles are simple and easy to give you a little extra boost from the grocery store to your best friend’s wedding!

Style #1: The Twist and Shout 

This is one of the easiest ways to get that simple elegant look in a jiffy!

First, section out a 1-2 inch square from your part at your hairline.

Second, grab the same size section parallel to your first.

Twist the second section under the first.

Begin to work your way back, grabbing same size sections and twisting under.

Work your way to the back of your hair, and insert bobby pin to secure.

For a loose look, gently shake twist before pinning back with bobby pin. Voila: easy elegance at your fingertips using one of those bobby pins you found at the bottom of your purse!

Style #2:  The Maidenly Mohawk

This style is great to add edge and personality to your short or long locks! It’s also a great way to give your part a break and get some volume back at the root of your hair.

First, section out a one inch section on either side of your middle part.

Secondly, spray some Shampure Dry Shampoo into the section to give extra grip and volume, while also providing that heavenly aveda smell!

Next, begin the dutch braid at your hairline and work your way back. ( a great tutorial for a dutch braid can be found here: http://avedainstitute.ca/en/blog/post/B2B-Dutch-Braids-101).


After you reach the back of your head, begin to loosen the braid by tugging at the side plaits until you are happy with the amount of volume you achieve (Texas gals, this may take us a minute).


Secure with criss cross bobby pins and spray with our flexible Aveda Air Control hairspray. Head on out to your festival or just be a hit at target with your new edgy do!


Style #3: The Pyramid Cheat Sheet 

This style seems almost to easy to be true. We are taking a cue from the Egyptian architects and showing off the easiest hair hack of all!

First, apply Aveda Texture Tonic to dry hair. Spray on hands, and scrunch into hair for the best messy wave effect!

Next, pull back hair into a half up, half down sectioning.

Now, apply a bobby pin into your right section slanted towards the middle.

Next, apply a bobby pin into the left section and slant it towards the middle until the tops of the bobby pins meet.

Lastly, apply a bobby pin across the bottom to finish out the triangle.

There you have it! A simple 5 step process that dresses up that simple bobby pin or clip to take your style wherever you need to go!


Thank you for hanging out with us today! A big thanks to our amazing stylist/educator, Abbey, and our adorable model, Anna Leigh. As always, message us anytime or ask your stylist about these quick and easy hairstyles next time you come see us!


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