Confession: We LIVE for Halloween. It’s the one holiday where hair and makeup are the stars of the show and you’re encouraged to go all out. We love letting our creativity run wild, coming up with different costume ideas and experimenting with makeup and hairstyles to achieve our vision. Halloween falls on a weekday this year, and while we love an elaborate costume, we know that a lot of us can only get so “festive” before it starts to interfere with our jobs and/or daily activities.

Here are three Halloween costume ideas from our stylists that are cute, fun and won’t have your HR department after you.


Our stylist Macy as a unicorn.

If you haven’t noticed, unicorns are everywhere! Channeling your inner unicorn can be as simple as putting on some colorful, sparkly makeup and a horned headdress (like above). We really love the new Feed My Lips Color Balms and Glosses by Aveda that came out this year. The 93% naturally-derived, vegan formula comes in great colors, suitable for all skin tones and hair colors. We love Color Balm in Snapdragon—a fun, punchy fuschia. Extra unicorn points if your hair is a fun, creative color!


Remember these? So will everyone that sees your costume—that’s what makes it so fun! Choose an outfit that best fits your favorite Beanie Baby and make it come alive by adding whiskers, stripes or whatever else makes sense for the costume. Aveda’s Brow Definers and Eyeshadows are great for creating whiskers, dramatic eyes and any other animal characteristics you may need.


You can never go wrong with a classic clown costume. All it takes is a fun outfit, a few accessories and some makeup to pull it all together.

There’s no right or wrong way to achieve this look, get creative and have fun! For Halen’s look (above), all you need is a good, long-lasting eyeliner to detail the eyes, lipstick for the nose and mouth, and white face paint to become a classic clown. A goofy, upbeat attitude with a few tricks up your sleeve wouldn’t hurt either.

We’d LOVE to help you with your Halloween hair and makeup! Book your appointment online.


We are excited to partner with @christmasproviders to bless a local family with a Christmas experience this holiday season. We would love you to join us! Just stop by, take an ornament, purchase and return the wrapped gift back to us! We will be collecting all the gifts and delivering them to the family along with all the things for a warm holiday meal just in time for Christmas.🎄🎅🏻
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Please join us as we gather and give to the @grace_grapevine Thanksgiving Food Drive ❤️ Accepting donations thru November 17
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November 💪🏻🍁
@chandlerfreeman_hair coming in hot with this seasonal update.
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Mind blown with this Fall update 🍂🍁
@stylisthannah.dv8 kicking us off for the holiday season.
✨if you are looking for the best chair to sit in for your holiday hair, take our fun quick survey Meet Your Artist to find your match (link in bio)
See you soon 🦃🎄
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Just a little holiday fun 🎃
@caylatallyhair 😇

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Calling all creatives 📢📢📢
We have space for you✨
Link in bio for online applications ⚡️
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Time together with this team never disappoints. (Neither does musical chairs 😂)
🍁This once a quarter team bonding/education time was dedicated to harnessing our momentum as we grow our team and also to defining our Vision for not only growing forward together but serving you better ❤️
We love what we get to do!
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This is the smile you have when your Aunt is the talented @candicehammit Having fun “trying” to make a reel but the outtakes were the best ✨
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We are growing our guests experiences and our team⚡️
You’re invited to join in. We are looking forward to it.
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Your hair…but better🌟

DV8 The Salon now carries BELLAMI extensions! Save up to $300 and enhance your look instantly with luscious volume and length.
Check our website for the deets (link in bio)
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Fresh look for the Fall? Decide you can and come here and get it. You can you know💆‍♀️💇‍♀️
💇‍♀️& color x @hairbyjade34
🤳x @rose_and_rivets
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Fresh cut and baby lights for a house fav. ViVi is a junior at Grapevine High School. She has been DV8ing for the last 14years 💗 and getting paid as part of our awesome Guest Happiness Team for the last two of them ✨
That twinkle in her eye is true⚡️
@cyndi.risleyhyams adding the extra✨
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When your curls hit just right 🤩
@themichelle.beauty styled out with Kerastase Curl Manifesto to enhance these beautiful natural curls.
Have your tried the Kerastase Gelee Curl Contour?
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The smiles come easy in this place 😄
We love what we get to do ❤️
✨Are you looking for a salon to call your home? It’s us. We are here for you✨
Guests 👉🏻 Check our website for a fun quick quiz to Meet Your Artist
Stylist⚡️check our careers page to join our team
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Let’s Summer a little longer. We’re ok with it as long as it can look like this 😎
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We`ve got the goods! If you need haircare products and tools, you`ve come to the right place! We proudly carry a full range of Kerastase products, so no matter what your hair type, texture, and goals are, there`s a product just for you. #Kerastase #haircare #productrecs ...

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Let us transform your hair! 💫 We love doing pinterest-inspired looks that completely transform your look. Book your appointment to get the hair of your dreams! 💭 #hairtransformation #pinterest #dreamhair ...

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Building relationships with our clients is one of our favorite parts of the job 💙 We want you to have fun while you`re here and feel great when you leave! It`s part of the DV8 experience! #clientlove #buildingrelationships #txsalon ...

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