3 Fall Hair Color Trends We Love


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There is no other season that inspires us to experiment with color, the way fall does. Watching the leaves transform and change into beautiful colors, inspires us to create gorgeous transformations on our guests. If you’re looking to switch things up this fall, here are three color ideas we love that are perfect for the season.


Brunette + blonde = BRONDE. It’s a beautiful bronze shade that usually involves dimension. We like to keep the roots a little darker for that lived-in look, which also allows for better grow-out periods, so it’s easy, low-maintenance and very pretty!



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Now that we’re moving away from the light colors of summer, we’re expecting to see more dark balayages, low-lights and shadowy elements. You can save your summer highlights for dimension and add darker, richer shades for some extra drama. The result is a high contrast, striking look that perfectly pairs with the season.


We’re super excited about the new Aveda Full Spectrum Vibrants line which features bold, bright colors that add so much fun to your look. This season, we dare you to pick your favorite color and wear it in your hair. It doesn’t have to completely cover your whole head, we love the idea of peek-a-boo highlights, random streaks of color and color-dipped ends.

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